We from “Tarak” are a bangalore based dance team. The team depicts the “Vazhuvoor style” of bharatnatyam Dance form. Tarak is structured with four trained Bharatanatyam dancers who are learning under Guru Sneha Devanandan.The four dancers have been passionately learning this art with complete dedication. They have been the senior pillars in their dance school who always seek to perform the best.
Tarak believes that Dance is the language of the sole and aims to bring about the lost concepts to the people through the art forms that they practise.
We love to perform for various sets of audience. The dance duration can vary from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The concepts that we pick will be based on mainly about the mythological Gods. We are also flexible to perform on the current issues that are prevailing in this era. The dance that we depict will choreographed solely by us.